If you would like me to make you a Thank You gift I am happy to! Just email and we can discuss it. KDstudios@pacific.net


The Frank Grasse Dog Park in Willits is in desperate need of art. I would love to do a piece that would involve metal dog silhouette cut-outs that would run along the front and side fences.

People who donate can send me a photo of their dog and I can cut it out and use it in the sculpture.

I am trying to raise $700 by October 2016.

This is a very large sculpture that was created for the new Howard Memorial Hospital garden. It is currently at my studio waiting for the garden to be finished. I call it LIFE.There are some costs involved in moving such a large piece. I am currently trying to raise $800 to cover the installation expenses.My deadline to raise the funds is November 2015.

We do a number of projects that get donated to various organizations. These projects we call "Good Works". The following projects are ones that we currently raising funds for. If you are interested in helping move these projects forward please consider making a donation (below).