The Kickstarter project is over but you are welcome to view the project page, watch the video and see what it was all about. Just click the link below to jump over to the Kickstarter website.

Below is a slideshow from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party that we gave to celebrate the installation of the sculptures at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, May 2013. Photographic credit goes to Sorkin Design and Doug Pollard Photography.

The following people donated to this project. Without their help this project would never have been realized.

Many thanks to you all!

Alice Goodrum
Denise & Robert Mattos Jose Aurelio Caballero Megan Barber Allende
Angela Good Divora Stern Joy Wood Nina Matlock
Angela Young Dolores & Dick Orsi Judith O Smith Nancy Simpson
Ann Maddox Dorian Good Karen Charney P Parker
Anne Berndt Doug & Chela Pollard Kathy Covellone Pat & Elizabeth Hart
Athanasios Mazarakis Edward Sugar Kathy Harper Pat & Jerry Duarte
Beth Strader Eileen Tague Kay Johannes Pat & Richard Jones
Betty Cudney Ellen Bogue Kitty Norris Pat Yoxall
Betty Huck Erik Dahlman Kris Wagner Paul Krause
Betty Janich Frances Koliner Krista Robinson Phyllis Mervine
Bev Johnson Frank Fernandez Larry Angrimson Phyllis Smoller
Beverly Carr Gerri Sorkin Larry Bauer Rich Gibbons
Beverly Hamm Gregory Byers Liam UiCearbhaill Richard Hinchey
Bill & Emmy Good Gura Lashlee Linda Park Richard Hincker
Bill Barksdale Helena Cobban Lorie Hollon Robert Fowler
Brad Dancer Ilana Gallardo Lorna Quandt Ron Sheets
Brian Moore Janet Bertinot Lou & Jan Meir
Ruth Platt
C Whitehorn Janice Cinek Louise Wilkes Sandy Scott
Charles & Depbra Clark Janice L Baldwin Marcia Pratt Sherry Collins-Evans
Christie & Floyd Brandt Jay Gordon Marilyn McNair Starla Warburton
Cyndi Fox Jenna Cavelle Marjorie Barbour Stuart Lofthouse
Dakota Cinek Jennifer Kyrnin Martin Bauer Sunny Cordell
Dan Roberts Jim Barbour Mary Sisson Tabitha Atkinson
David Phillips John Wagenet May Williams Terry Rossiter
Denell McFall Jon Huck Mediaversal Vern Clarke
... and all those who wanted to remain annonymous.
Wesley Derbyshire
William Quandt



I had so many people ask me about my experience with Kickstarter that I created a blog. If you are thinking about launching your own Kickstarter project you might find it helpful. Here is the link to the blog: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE



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